Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What's this body thing and what do I do with the dangly bits?

Link roll.

Here is a long, brilliant article on MMORPG development. Lots of true stuff in it (and lots that I recognized from previous discussions with my ex).


Holidays now. Which is fortunate in multiple ways, partly because I just read that somebody shot several times at the bus I'm always taking in Salzburg (three stations away from my flat). Of course, something like this happens a day after a drunk guy had to chat me up and spontaneously decided to follow me home (in the same bus line that was shot at).
Sometimes I think that all the lunatics gather in Salzburg.


I believe those familiar with Second Life will enjoy First Life, too. (Or not.)


And lastly, just because Neil Gaiman asked nicely, I'm linking to his blog post about Penn Jillette.

Bad drawing day. Time to do a couple of pages hands again.

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