Friday, October 10, 2008

Political Propaganda

Some interesting stuff I came across yesterday:

- Apparently Napoleons first words when meeting Goethe were "You're a man". This seems peculiarly surreal.
- Napoleon was not actually short, but rather of average height. His alleged shortness seems to have resulted from firstly political propaganda and secondly a mixing up of French and British inches.

And from my thesis:

- In former times, especially in Scandinavia, Elves and Dwarves were of the same origin (same race). Dwarves were a "tribe" of Elves that moved to the mountains and set up their habitations there (if I understood it correctly).
Elves, brownies, pixies, etc. are also often associated with the Lapps and some assume that the mythology of Elves and Fairies have their origin in reality, the Lapps. Asiatic people were also often called Dwarves.
Making me wonder how the contemporary distinction between Elves and Dwarves actually came into existence (my older sources describe Dwarves as beautiful, musical, etc. - so there is quite a conceptual jump in there). I'm guessing as globalisation took place in the last centuries, people became more nationalistic and ethnocentric, at the same time putting down other races, e.g. the Lapps and asiatic people (the Dwarves), resulting in an increasingly unattractive image of Dwarves.
I have, however, no confirmation whatsoever for that theory.


I'm deluding myself into thinking that I've actually improved a bit during the last three live-drawing sessions. My approach to drawing seems to have changed a bit (moving more towards volume rather than stick figures) and I seem more patient when rendering out sketches. Aaah, pretty delusions.
When I took classes five years ago this week's model was there, too. I think I even drew her in exactly the same pose in one case. Now I regret having thrown out all my sketches when I moved. Would have been nice to compare them.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another bunch


I know now where I'll go looking if I'm lacking inspiration for my characters' clothes.


Amazon is granting a 10% discount for all books ordered in October by Austrian customers. Ohmigod. I did not want to buy even more new books in the near future, but I am SO gonna buy LOADS of books that are on my wishlist. (Hello consumer society. This is me. I fear I cannot refuse you if you offer me the printed word on paper between cardboard boxes.)
So in November, instead of writing a book, I will have to rent a thatched hut in Ireland, shut myself and read.

Ahem. Excuse me. My not-so-secret addition might have briefly taken over my brains. But I'm fine now. I think.


We did some 10min-poses today (usually it's twenty minutes). I also started a new sketchpad with darker paper, making it a pain to scan and and interesting experiment with highlights (failed experiment nonetheless).
Three hours isn't enough.