Friday, January 05, 2007

What People Don't Think About

Some people (including me) don't consider the upside of having a film made after a book, and deviating from the book in some degree. I read LoTR twice, ages ago, and saw the film lots of times, not long ago. So I only really know the story of the film (I also know some of the things that were omitted, like Tom Bombadil, but not much about it). Now I'm rereading the books to increase my active vocabulary. It's much better than when I read it the first two times. Somehow, the books get better the more often you read them. And since the films deviate from the book, there's still some suspense in the scenes that I don't remember from the first two reads. It's nice.


I read in the newspaper today about some US teenagers who said they wouldn't consume for 10 months in 2006, and felt so great about it that they'll continue in 2007. It sounded like second hand goods were an exception, which is fine. Unfortunately the article didn't say where you can read more about them. I'm sure that would have been interesting. It was also just a very small article. I'd have given it half a page if I was the editor.

101 in 1001 is going good, except that I simply don't manage to get up when the alarmclock rings. I'm starting that task anew for the second time tomorrow. Gah.
But the daily exercises and the vocabulary learning have a nice impact (my back doesn't hurt anymore and I now know that Tolkien must have been a botanist as well as a linguist and writer, for all the plants he mentions in the Old Forest).

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