Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bad Day (rant, rant, rant)

No particularly interesting information included here, so skip if you like (just me ranting).

The day started with falling asleep again after the alarmclock had woken me up (so that point of 101 in 1001 starts again for the third? time), so I was almost late for school. Then the lessons that were taught were mostly boring because of the ever-evil frontal teaching (at least the supervisor noticed it and said that now he knows how his pupils feel). Then I had to go to Salzburg even though I hadn't intended to, because I have an exam tomorrow for which I need the video of one of my lessons and the tutor hadn't been there on Monday to do the DVD stuff for me. Today he was there, but apparently hadn't done it ... after having had 9 days to transfer the video from my cassette to a DVD (which takes 90 minutes). Yes, I love throwing money at the train company for nothing. I also love having to chose an extract of the DVD by chance tomorrow for the exam because I can't look at it beforehand.

Geez, the stupidity of mankind. You can't put your trust in anyone because eventually you'll be disappointed anyway for sure; and if you want to have something done properly you have to do it yourself because other people just don't manage to do it even if it's their job.

I can forgive a mistake once (sometimes, depending on the circumstances). But I went to that guy twice last week and twice this week; no result. Others went to him once and got their DVD after 1.5 hours. I'm silently swearing and cursing guys a lot right now.


Amazon doesn't love me either. There are two books by Subterranean Press that would have looked nice on my bookshelf (Beagle's "The Last Unicorn: The Lost Version" and Tad William's "Rite: Short Works"), but they were sold out before they were even shipped. I guess that was predictable since it's Limited Edition stuff.


Also, still no lasting snow and getting warmer. Everybody's probably just happy that they don't have to cope with ice this winter, but hopefully some realize that it's due to the climate change (I hear it's also ten degrees warmer than usually in Canada).
I'm not a snow-person, but I want a normal climate, not a messed up, pole-melting sauna.


Anonymous said...


The SubPress books you mention aren't sold out by Amazon. They just haven't received their copies yet, as we're only shipping the Beagle and Williams titles now.


Manuela said...

Oh, awesome! I hope I can buy them soon, then :D