Friday, September 26, 2008

Linkage and Nekkid People

I've decided to keep this blog bilingually from now on, meaning I'll partly write entries in German if the content isn't really relevant for the non-German speaking world. I'm guessing that most will stay in English, though.


An artifical waterfall in Canal City, Fukuoka (Japan). Some really nice stuff going on there, especially towards the end.

And the new season of Heroes has started. Very nice start - I got a bit bored by in the middle of Season 2, but the first two episodes of number three are very promising.


I started live-drawing again, after not having done it for five years due to my studies. It's good to be drawing live models again. Hopefully it will improve my anatomy and drafting skills. Right now I probably have to focus on the anatomy and the lineweight; I'm still pronouncing parts of the body that lie further back too much.


Zwei interessante Artikel aus dem Standard: Am 23. September wurden die weltweiten Ressourcen verbraucht (in Österreich sogar schon im April, was uns wirklich zu denken geben sollte).

und ein Interview mit der 11-jährigen Tochter einer Ukrainerin über das Leben in Österreich und die gefühlte Ausländerfeindlichkeit.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


And here's the finished picture of the whole band:

Monday, September 01, 2008

Golling 2008

Went to the medieval fair in Golling yesterday. No photos, since my camera is broken. Instead, I used it for some life drawing and post-market sketching.
I enjoy life drawing so much at the moment. After some sketches, I tend to do more dynamic and interesting poses even without a model. And I tend to notice many more details about people's appearances and body-language when I draw them.