Saturday, December 09, 2006

You better leave The Mum alone

My mum rocks when it comes to people ringing at our doorbell to convert us to some belief (Jehova's Witnesses, usually). She has no problem with being unfriendly or offensive, which is surprising because normally she's the friendliest person I know in the world. Granted, her lack of patience with bell people probably comes from having two houses and having to scare them away from both.
Which happened today.
First they rang at my brother's house, where she shied them away immediately. Then she came over to our house, as did Jehova's Witnesses. Imagine their surprise when seeing the same person opening the door again. She tried to make them go away again, to which they replied with "But there are still so many bells here" (we have about 6 or 7 bells at the front door because we used to let the rooms in the cellar). Read: "There are still so many people living here that we can talk to and convert". She made them go away quickly.

The idea of my mum being all unfriendly is very, very amusing.


As promised, photos:

The local train around the Chiemsee. Very nice looking, but slightly cold.

The area right after the entrance

One of the musicians. He was amazing. He used the melody of well-known pop-songs and added medieval lyrics to them. One was "Hotel California". The lyrics were similar to "Welcome to the Halls of Valhalla. Who needs the Hotel California, when you can dine with Odin and his guys?". He also played a song he composed himself called "Little fat elf girl".

Here one of the groups put up the pole for the sun wheel to celebrate Yule. Unfortunately I had to leave before it was set on fire.

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