Tuesday, December 05, 2006

6 in 101

A month has passed and I went through with drinking 2l of water and making my bed every day. It took 2-3 weeks to get accustomed to it and by now it's no effort at all to do it.
There are several reasons why I do this 1001 thing and why the things that are on the list are on the list. Some of them are on the list because they simply do good (like donating blood). Others because they're things that are done, but that I almost never do (like making bed every day) and again others because they're supposed to be good for you (egoistic selfish thinking; like drinking 2l of water per day).
I couldn't care less for the 'things that are done', but it's a new experience to do them anyway. The point of the whole list is (for me) to try certain things and keep doing them if I like them or if I find them useful. I'll go on drinking water. It doesn't taste as bad as it used to when I was a child and I can drink until I'm not thirsty anymore without getting bored of the taste. I'm also saving the money that I used to spend on drinks. Plus, when I do drink something different - like the chocolate tea that I bought some time ago - it tastes better than I remember and I appreciate it more (which is the point of expensive teas, to appreciate them).
I don't know about the bed-making. It's not much of an effort and it looks nice, but I don't get anything out of it (monetary, emotionally, physically or otherwise). I'll see how this develops now that I'm not forcing myself to do it anymore.

Okay, new tasks for the next month:
- Do exercises every day. I have a messed up spine since my teenage days (at least that's when it was discovered) and I'm supposed to do exercises every day so it doesn't get worse. I don't do them regularly, only when I wake up and my back hurts like hell. I know it's not good, and it doesn't improve by the way I'm always sitting at the computer (basically forming an L with my spine).
- Don't hit the snooze button anymore. That's similar to making my bed every morning (concerning how useful I find it ... not at all). At least it should prevent me from falling asleep after having been woken up already (this morning there were twenty minutes between the alarmclock ringing this morning and me getting out of bed, and I don't remember lying in bed for that long; either my sense of time is dwindling or I fell asleep very shortly and woke up again for some reason).

Also, I'm going to donate blood next week. The Red Cross is coming to university faculties, so I know where I have to go (which was what prevented me from donating blood previously).
If you're in Salzburg and have time, go donate blood as well. Tuesday 8.30-16 at the NAWI (Dekanatssitzungssaal), and Wednesday same time in the Kapitelgasse 4 (Senatssitzungssaal).

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