Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'll take you any time

Good golly. I'm gonna write my diploma thesis on Fantasy.

I hadn't planned to get into the topic this early, but the teacher who I wanted to be my supervisor for the thesis liked one of my essays so much that she offered to supervise my thesis. So I went for it.

I initially intended to write on the depiction of Elves and Fairies from folklore through Shakespeare to Tolkien, but it seems to topic is too broad. So I'm now looking for a nice, small topic in the genre and am frankly blown away by the multitude of themes that are offered to me. So many great authors to investigate - Gaiman, Beagle, LeGuin, Pullman to name some contemporary ones, but also the 18th and early 19th century writers, Tolkien, Lewis, MacDonald, Morris. Been grinning all day, I'm so happy to be able to write on the genre.
I'm lucky to be at a university where one of the head teachers studies fantastic literature. I'd never have dreamed of being able to write on Fantasy when I started my studies.

Now I'm trying hard to find a list of significant Fantasy stories and authors online, sorted by date.

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