Friday, September 29, 2006

Mirrormask and Exotique 2

I've finally bought Mirrormask. I was looking forward to the film since Neil Gaiman announced it on his blog. It's a low-budget film that heavily relies on CG, so I didn't expect a lot - basically just a good story in a mediocre presentation (as I don't fancy Dave McKean's style too much either). In the end, I definitely got more than I expected and was positively surprised. It's a nice, average fantasy story with very funny dialogue and absolutely appropriate art. Dave McKean's style fits the film perfectly. Mirrormask is in the same range as Labyrinth, so anybody who likes Labyrinth should check out Mirrormask as well.
Like anybody else who saw the film, I now want a Really Useful Book as well.


Ballistic Publishing has announced Exotique 2. You can browse through a page gallery on their website. The book looks nice. As with Exotique, it's purely eyecandy, unfortunately. I guess you don't need to create an exotic character to get into the book. A human that's very well rendered will do fine. Which is a shame - after looking through the page gallery I got fed up of pretty faces and wanted to see pictures that actually have a deeper content.
It's a bit like with the ImagineFX covers. They're ALL pretty faces of girls. The magazine is for SF and Fantasy art, but the covers don't necessarily reflect that (they mostly do, but some covers might as well be non-SF/Fantasy girls). I realize that covers need to be somewhat generic to reach a big audience, but if you have a limited target audience anyway you might as well go all the way and let the cover reflect the content of the magazine fully (which partly has been done, but the tendency seems to steer away from it).

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