Friday, September 01, 2006

PvP and Anime Realism

Kinda having a nostalgic evening. After watching the Weiß Kreuz OVA I got the "Oh, watching Sailor Moon again would actually be neat" mood. I know the anime is cheesy, teenage-y and the German sub is godawful (I hate the main characters voice - hate). Still, it was part of my teenage years, I got mocked at school for watching and liking the series, so I have some kind of emotional connection. The only problem is that buying the anime is more than expensive (and I hate the sub), and it's impossible to get the manga in shops or even on Amazon. Sold out, no reprint. Since it's old, it's also hard to find scanslations online (Yes, they're illegal. But what else can you do if you can't get it anymore legally?). No luck, I just found some extracts. Which is probably better, since I'm sure I'd get bored of it quickly due to the repetitiveness. That's the problem with old loves. You have fond memories of them, but when you come across them again, they're not as good as you thought. I had the same problem recently when rereading R. A. Salvator's Darkelf Trilogy. I loved the books when reading it the first time, but the second reading wasn't as good. I'm currently fighting my way through the third book.
Anyway, on my nostalgia trip I also came across a website of an artist who I liked years ago, after some searching. He's been doing SciFi covers for decades. He's also been doing Sailor Moon fanart for some time. What intrigued me about him was that he is drawing the characters realistically - something that I tend to do as well when doing anime or manga fanart. I liked his interpretations of the characters very much. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to improve his skill a lot; but his art is already on quite a high level, so I guess it's not that bad. Alan Gutierrez's website


I don't know if I have plugged PvP here before. It's an online comic about the lives of people who work for a gaming magazine. The comic is very good and deservedly won an Eisner Award recently. It brings much enjoyment and gets updated daily - since I began reading it there has never been a day without an update, which is amazing.
The reason I'm plugging the comic at this point is again the most recent storyline (as happened with Megatokyo), which is very touching, and funny. The storyline begins here. I love the fact that the webcomics I'm reading had amazingly good storylines recently. It's just a pain to have to wait for the updates.

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