Monday, September 18, 2006

The Middleages aren't so much Fantasy after all

And there you thought the Middleages were over and the Crusades a mistake from the past. I can only shake my head at the current argument about what the pope said. Of course, if people are actively looking for a reason to wage war, they'll find it. Anything the West says about Muhammed will probably be taken as an offense by certain Muslim groups. Sad world.

In the end, they are just words. You don't respond to words with violence. You simply don't do it. I can't even find an appropriate analogy. Beating somebody senseless because they made fun of your hair will only make you seem weaker. Hitting your wife because she said you're a spaz will only get you a divorce and (hopefully) a whole lot of money to pay. To words, you react with words. Explain, elaborate, make people understand in what way - in your opinion - they are wrong. You don't blow them up when you could make them understand instead.

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