Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hold fast to your hair

Twice a year we have a small festival in Linz which is basically a small-scale version of Disneyland. Rollercoasters and wild stuff like that, sometimes even glass labyrinths. I haven't really tried any of it in a long time, because they're somewhat expensive and being shaken around for five minutes doesn't equal my definition of fun. I fail to get any kicks out of it.
But, thanks to peer pressure and friends shouting 'That's sooo cool. We have to do that again later.' I decided to give it a try again and have some fun. It wasn't a rollercoaster, rather a semi-open ball that spins around its own axis so you end up with your head closer to the ground than your feet a couple of times. Shortly before the ride started, a staff member came up to me and said 'Could you do me a favour? Can you hold your hair during the whole ride? It's too long. You don't have to hold onto the security handles in front of you, it's safe enough.'
Right. Imagine having to hold your hair all the while during a rollercoaster ride. Instead of having nice, firm handles that you can grip to keep you from being shaken too much, you grip your hair. That's fun.

So, I paid 3€ for holding my hair for 5 minutes and wondering why I actually do this.

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