Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hellfire reloaded

And here they came. I knew there was something wrong with not sweating like hell at 30 degrees on a bike. Today, the last 500 metres, I was dripping. The last 500 metres is basically 5 minutes up a hill. The reason why is because today there was a carrotmob in Linz in 7 shops. So I bought two pairs of linen trousers for my vacation in Japan (30 degrees will be heaven over there), some foodstuff and borrowed, ahem, 10 books from the library. Thus I had some additional weight on me. Nevertheless, I was full of endorphines from the nice carrotmob-shops (and the books!). They all offered free carrot cake :D


Christian said...

I have experienced that during cycling the wind is more or less able to prevent me from sweating too much on my way to work. Of course there are no big hills on this way. But right after I arrive the sweat is happy to leave my body immediately and I am happy to be alone in my office room when that happens! ;-)

Manuela said...

Hehe, I know that :-)
Since I have a shared office I don't experience the luxury of de-sweating in peace. But thankfully my colleague is a guy who says that men sweat *differently* than women, so I can blame any smell on him ;-)

Cornelius Praxmarer said...

Well, you are sweating during cycling too but it vaporizes much faster than when you are not moving. Thats why cycling is so amazing, you can do it even in the hottest time of the year. Only uphill or when you are as fast as the wind (and in the same direction) it gets very hot and your sweat can't vaporize as fast any more :D

My solution to the problem would be to cycle right into the next source of water. A river, lake or something like that. Then stay inside until your body has cooled down, voila: no sweat at all :D

And don't hope too much for the 30 degrees here in japan... at the moment it has 35 and air humidity is at 70%. Thats not fun, i tell you!