Thursday, April 26, 2012


I think I've managed two weeks of biking without almost crashing into anything (well, except for two schoolgirls, but they weren't looking, so it was their fault). I also saw someone today who was cycling worse than me. That must mean I'm improving. Yay. There've been lots of people running in the past week, probably because of the Linz marathon. It's also been raining a couple of days, so I missed out on two days of biking. Which just makes me happier when I can finally get on the bike again. Two things I've noticed: - I'm becoming much more considerate for the needs of cyclists now (e.g. when I'm walking) and try to make space for them in areas where I know it can get crowded and annoying (even when I'm not seeing any cyclists). Everybody should switch between driving by car, by bike, walking and taking public transport, just to know the needs and obstacles of other people. That surely would improve the tolerance on the streets. - I'm saving shitloads of money. Because I'm not stopping at the bakery or the supermarket on the way home or to work, I've spent 100 Euro less on food this month!

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