Thursday, March 04, 2010

Spring, spring, spring

Watched Sherlock Holmes. I didn't expect any similarities to the original Sherlock, so I wasn't disappointed. It's a neat film. I enjoyed it.
A lot was changed in comparision with the original books. I'm not a die-hard detective novel fan, so I don't mind. It makes me wonder why, though. There isn't much left of what Sherlock was in the 19th century. You still have the deductive intellect and the affinity to the night. But, also, now you have sex and action.
My theories are that either people don't like a perfect hero anymore, because they cannot relate to them. Sherlock is pretty much perfect, when it comes to the standards of the time in which he was written. Dr. Watson's role was also spiced up. There's no top-down hierarchy anymore. Instead, you have a flat hierarchy. What does that tell us? The western world still has mostly top-down hierarchies, and I don't think most people want to change it (do I hear yells of "anarchy!"?).
Maybe a pure detective movie wouldn't work anymore. Not enough action. Nothing to get women into the theatres.
Who knows?


Now there's a video game on guerilla gardening. You can see pretty neat stuff on this video. Screaming flowers. And there will be puppies.

I swear, Subterranean Press publishes the prettiest books (probably also the most expensive ones). Now there's a limited edition of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. Awesome book. Pretty, pretty edition.
(But why does the market practically force consumers to have a credit card to acquire all the neat things?)


Some tiny illustrations I did for work:

There's a colored version of the latter somewhere...


Jester said...

Der Link zur Neverwhere-Sonderedition funktioniert leider nicht. Mein Lieblingsbuch kann man gar nicht in oft genug (und in allen Varianten) besitzen.

Manuela said...

Gell, ist ein tolles Buch. Hab ich vor Jahren von dir geschenkt bekommen und bin seit damals Gaiman Fan :)

Den Link haben sie wohl geändert. Hab in geupdated, jetzt müsste er funktionieren.

Magpie said...

Seriously, a guerilla gardening game? Looks fun, but I wouldn't play games even if I had the time - and I'd so much rather do the real thing!