Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another bunch


I know now where I'll go looking if I'm lacking inspiration for my characters' clothes.


Amazon is granting a 10% discount for all books ordered in October by Austrian customers. Ohmigod. I did not want to buy even more new books in the near future, but I am SO gonna buy LOADS of books that are on my wishlist. (Hello consumer society. This is me. I fear I cannot refuse you if you offer me the printed word on paper between cardboard boxes.)
So in November, instead of writing a book, I will have to rent a thatched hut in Ireland, shut myself and read.

Ahem. Excuse me. My not-so-secret addition might have briefly taken over my brains. But I'm fine now. I think.


We did some 10min-poses today (usually it's twenty minutes). I also started a new sketchpad with darker paper, making it a pain to scan and and interesting experiment with highlights (failed experiment nonetheless).
Three hours isn't enough.


Magpie said...

What? Where? Discount? On books? Yummy, yummy books!

Must order, must order, must order!

I shouldn't, I have two enormous plant/gardening books I still need to read, and I need to study, and I've decided to give NaNoWriMo a try, too, but-but-but - books! Books! BOOKS!
(No, you're not alone with your addiction. And I haven't forgotten about the mail I wanted to write, I'm just too insanely busy.)

Manuela said...

I also still have a bookshelf full of unread books and got two new ones on Monday. If I had known, I'd have waited a few days with the order.

New books means even more busy-ness. You should come to my Irish cottage and shut yourself in there with me (but you might have to keep your books away from me, else I'll die from book-overkill) ;)

Magpie said...

Hehe, I don't think you'd be all that tempted by Bedding and Balcony Plants or Guerilla Gardening. :D

Manuela said...

Ahem, I'm afraid I have to say, Guerilla Gardening does tempt me a bit. The alliteration tickles the literary girl in me ;)

Magpie said...

Teehee - it's a funny idea too - and Leonding would offer lots of opportunities for it.

nrm said...

The bookshot @ the Taubenmarkt had a flea market (2€ for selected books) today (Monday), maybe also the rest of the week.
Most were russian/sovjet literature such as Tolstoi or Puschkin (and a book about the Sovjet Union called "UdSSR the way to modern lifestyle" or something like it, made me grin :) ).

BtW: sorry if I bore you with the abscence of knowlage but what the heck is guerilla gardening (sounds nerdy (imho)).

Manuela said...

I was at that bookshop today - no UdSSR, but "Women and Monks" ;)

Thanks for the tipp! I found a nice book on livedrawing inside.

Guerilla guardening IS nerdy. Magpie is a garden nerd. There's no plant she can't identify (in Latin).

NRM said...

so what IS guerilla gardening? (exept nerdy, right now thats everything I know about it^^)
If you are a guerilla gardener do you plant trees in foreign gardens and flowers in public parks or how should I imagine this?

Manuela said...

From what I understand, guerilla gardeners choose an abandoned patch of land and sow seeds of vegetables and other plants to make it useful again (in the small scale).
The Wikipedia page gives some nice insight plus examples. Lots of activism, from what I read.