Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You would not want to make a universe angry

The weather's great. I went for a walk in the northern forest - I had completely forgotten how wonderful it is to explore a forest that I don't know by heart yet. The northern forest must be the more beautiful one when it's sunny and warm, and more scary when it's dark and cold; probably because it's deeper and further away from civilisation. All you hear is the water from the brook and the birds chirping. Seeing nature like that is simply amazing.


Neil Gaiman's Hugo nominated short story "How to talk to girls at parties" is up at his website as an audio file. It's cute and I love the Britishness of his phrases and expressions (probably emphasized by his accent).



morithil said...

Thanks for linking to the audio file, I really liked that story. And I quite enjoy reading your blog :)

Manuela said...

Glad you enjoy my blog. Thanks for visiting :)