Sunday, April 22, 2007


Denni, friend and RPG victim, lent me Gattaca, a Science Fiction film from back in the days when I didn't go to the cinema yet and therefore missed some good stuff (that's 1997, the year in which I went to the cinema precisely once to see Titanic). I'm impressed by what the film succesfully tries to communicate. There are so many layers of meaning in it that I probably haven't even glimpsed some of them. It's fantastic, and definitely helps my current thirst for SF-films that are set in a near future and show up possible scenarios.
Moreover, it's not typical SF with lots of action and technology and modern design. It's a quiet and peaceful and intelligent film. Very recommendable.


Very rough idea sketch for a painting I want to do:

The Freedom You Desire


vinkorken said...

good taste. :)

well, dont miss Children of men then.

Manuela said...

I've seen it, actually! Love it. When I have more money I plan to buy the DVD. Already got the soundtrack(s) and read the book it was based on. The book's veeery different, but good in it's own way. Still, I like the film better, probably because I knew it first. I particularly adore the way music was used throughout the film.