Friday, August 25, 2006

No more Pluto

Reading the news about the now un-planety state of Pluto, I realize how limited my personal universe is. The most profound thought that the news caused in me wasn't "This is actually an interesting debate. I always thought Pluto was quite small for a planet." or "Hey, this is a major event in world history. It will change the perception of the universe of generations after me. And I'm experiencing it."
It was "That's how much use school education is for you. Five years ago you have to learn the names of all planets by heart, and now they're not even valid anymore." and (tadaa!) "Wait. The Sailor Moon girls are named after the planets. Sailor Pluto doesn't exist anymore. The series is screwed up now!".

On a more serious note (how serious is the loss of a planet anyway?), I'm going to a medieval market this weekend, Saturday and Sunday in Golling/Salzburg. The only market this year that doesn't take place in the middle of a city, and instead has it's main attractions on a nice, big field. Also one of the few that don't end in the afternoon, but continue until deep into the night, so you can look at fireshows and talk with the artists over a horn of mead. Yaaaay!

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