Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Buy Gothic Clothes. More expensive than anywhere else.

I managed to empty a glass full of perfectly drinkable liquid over my keyboard. Now my computer keeps making a beep sound twice a second, which is rather irritating *sigh*
The keyboard also stopped working an hour or two after it got drowned.
I'll learn from it and keep the liquids to the other side of the table, where insects fall into them at night (lamp over glass, results in insects going up, burning and going down again), but where they don't get pushed over.

Thankfully, I'm an orderly person and have a spare keyboard in my room. Being an orderly person is helpful. If you're not an orderly person, you might lose stuff that you had 35 years ago, as it happened to the NASA.

Apart from my sarcasm, I had some small fun creating an imaginary Gothic fashion label in the wake of Gotika666's creation, and designing some magazine ads for it (including the logo design). They company is called 'Inky', because Gothic clothing is all black and you might as well use ink to make the clothes that you used to wear in your coloured periods of life black.

For the pityful non-German speaking people out there: "Todschick" means (literally translated) dead chic/classy. Now go and laugh at my amazing sense of humour.

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