Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Links and Sketching

I've added a couple of new links to blogs. Check them out.

And here's a small sketch:

I've started to sketch at least an hour per day to improve my drawing skills. I hope I can keep it up no matter how much other work I have to do. For now it works quite well as I'm usually putting on some DVD feature and listening to it while I draw. I feel unproductive if some of my senses aren't occupied with doing something, so listening to extras should help here. The commentary on Buffy is very good for that. Next is the commentary and the features of the LoTR extended editions. Fun. It's usually relaxing enough so I spend more than one hour sketching.
Another good listen while sketching are Neil Gaiman's interviews. I listened to this one yesterday, when I was actually already too tired to sketch and wanted to go to bed. Worked like a charm and made me lough out loud a couple of times.

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