Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Long Journeys

I went to Scotland for the weekend to see my boyfriend. The most distinctive feature of the trip was the utter and complete lack of reliability that public transport showed. Of the four flights that I had to catch, three were delayed. One of them even managed a 3.5 hours delay (from Stansted to Edinburgh) in which I almost finished the book I had taken with me that was supposed to last for the journey back as well.
So the next day, after not quite enough sleep thanks to plane companies who can't deal with fog and don't offer compensation even when you're starving, we went to Holy Island, which is only really an island at certain times when the flood cuts it off from the mainland. I found that quite cute. It was less cute when, after the flood had gone away, we were waiting for the only bus that takes you off the island when you don't have a car. After 45 minutes of waiting we, and about 10 other people, figured it wouldn't come.
I feel like this was Let's-piss-off-people-who-use-public-transport-weekend.

The book was Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman and I found it quite entertaining. The ending is very good and I liked it better than the rest of the novel. Reading the semi-autobiographical parts that I knew from the interviews was fun, and thinking about the parts that sound semi-autobiographical but might or might not be as well. I think those might even have been the best parts of the book.
Since I ran out of reading material I picked up two other books. I'd have bought Good Omens too (by Terry Pratchett and Neil) if the shop had had it, but I only saw it at the airports where I didn't have the time to get it ... because of late planes an check-ins that take an hour of queueing. Still, if I had read this before leaving the airport, I'd definitely have bought it even if it had meant running all the way to the plane to not miss it. Since I had not read it, I just walked very quickly.

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