Monday, May 29, 2006

Letter From a Geek

Dear Doctor Gamer,

I think I’m having addiction issues. The last time when I heavily played a computer game I started having dreams with the game’s interface and controls. I’m not that far yet, but – being addicted again to a game that I won’t name to prevent innocent souls from being sucked into the void of addictive games – occasionally I want to save so I can reload in case something goes wrong. The problem is, at those times I’m not sitting at the computer.


Dear Phil,

I understand your problem. Many gamers have come across this issue at least once in their lives. You will be glad to hear that wanting to save one’s life is not a problem at all, really. Life’s a game! Without noticing it, you probably have already come across safe points and restarted parts of your life. Happens all the time. You go to a party, want to talk to a girl, are too shy or too forward, resulting in getting owned either way. Next party, next try. So you see, life is just like a computer game. Mess up as much as you like, you’ll get another chance to mess up even more. That’s the fun of it.

Doc G

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