Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Baaaad Translations

So, Dreamfall has been released in German. I'm hyped. Looking at my last three posts, I probably seem like a completely computer geek. Ah well.

I saw a picture of the artbook, and I so want to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, it only comes with the limited edition and the limited edition is in English and Norwegian only. Still, it's only 10€ more, so I'm considering it.

Browsing the Funcom website, what really put me off was their German terms&conditions page. When I read the first few headers I thought the translator didn't know legal terms very well at all. Now that I read two more sentences I believe Funcom must have used an online translator and saved some money. Resulting in me switching back to the English version because I simply couldn't understand what the German page said.
Apart from that, the website has spelling errors! My virgin language student heart is breaking to see such a thing on a professional website.
If they used the same translator (*cough*machine*cough*) for the actual game, getting the English version is probably not such a bad idea.

I'm waiting till holidays begin before I get it, though. Morrowind is already eating too much of my non-existent time, and I can't afford getting immersed in a second game in the last four weeks of uni. Really not.

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