Saturday, October 31, 2009


Shortly ago, I finished reading both of George R. R. Martin's Dreamsongs volumes. They are collections of short stories and scripts for TV episodes of all kinds of genres that Martin is popular for (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror). I can't say that I loved all stories, as I did in his collection "A Song for Lya and other stories" (which is an awesome book except for the multitude of editorial errors.
Anyway, Dreamsongs. What's really nice about the books is the variety they present. You can experience the whole of Martin's range and see if you like e.g. his SF-stuff as much as his Fantasy works. I'm still primarily a Fantasy lover, so the Science Fiction didn't appeal to me as much. But I discovered to my great surprise that I really liked his horror stories. Who would have guessed?

Today is Samhain (and Halloween, yeah, but that's by far not as appealing). Which means, for me, a time to withdraw and recollect. Time to remember and honour those who touched my life, those who came and went.
Have a good Samhain night.


Und für die Interessenten aus Linz und Umgebung: KendoLinz startet mit 5. November einen Grundkurs für alle, die schon immer diese wunderbare Kampfkunst ausprobieren wollten. Jetzt ist ein guter Zeitpunkt dafür ;)
Einfach auf schauen für nähere Informationen.

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