Thursday, May 28, 2009

Among the Living

I'm back. I have tons to write, and I'm writing tons, only in tons of places. Sort of ;)

There's a bad photo of the costume I designed and made some time ago:

In April, there was an exhibition on Japanese art in Salzburg. I wrote a report on it here, with photos.

In the Biologiezentrum Dornach the exhibition "Gefangen in Bernstein" is currently taking place. Quite nice for a short afternoon trip.

This Saturday, there will the the Fairplanet Festival in Linz. A week later, there's the Fest der Sinne in Wels. In September, we'll have another installment of the Wearfair. Nice!
(I just wish the Wearfair didn't always take place when I'm out of town.)

I'm also now co-habiting with six Kendo-infested beings.

And because I adjust to all kinds and tastes, I have given them both names:

and numbers:

And I also revamped my website. Go check it out.


Magpie said...

So what kinds of tomatoes have you got? Just ordinary round, red ones, or something more colourful as well?

Manuela said...

Some colourful ones, too :D

I have Rote & Gelbe Birne, Pedro, Corianne, Roma and Goldkönig. Let's see if I manage to get a decent amount of tomatoes this year. There was only a handful last year.

I still owe you an e-mail - you'll hopefully get it *soon*.

Magpie said...

I wish I had room for six different ones. I haven't had a decent egg-shaped tomato in years. But I'm quite looking forward to my red and yellow currant tomatoes.
And one day, one day I'll have a garden again and then I'll have red and yellow and green and orange and pink and brown and striped ones...!