Monday, January 19, 2009

You're valuable (and so is everybody else)

Back in October Neil Gaiman made a 9-city tour, reading a chapter of his latest novel, The Graveyard Book in each city. The book has been, afaik, in the bestselling lists ever since it was published - justifiably so, I believe. It took a long time, but over many nights in a half-dozing state I listened to the whole tour and enjoyed it greatly. It is very recommendable. You can find the videos here.

There is also another recommendable video for today, a short film named Validation. It's awesome. I love it. It sincerely moved me to tears.

And to end the linkage: I also stumbled over a nice blog with some interesting kendo articles.


Some costume designs. Costume designs are fun (although I'll probably never sew them, unfortunately):


Magpie said...

That video was truly awesome. I can only second your reaction. :)

I wish I had the time to watch the Gaiman videos, too... maybe I should start another knitting project (then I would take the time to watch while I knitted - now, I spend that time writing, or at least trying to).
Talking about writing, I promised to send you something, right?

Manuela said...

I bet knitting is great while listening to the videos. I generally just lay down in my reading corner, with just a few candles lit, and listened to Neil while slowly drifting off to sleep (that's why it took me ages to finish the story - quite often I had to go back 20min in the video to resume at the point which I remembered having listened to).

BTW, with how many needles do you knit? I was looking at some how-to's and the description of knitting with five needles scared me off badly.

And yes, you did. Fire away. My mailbox is awaiting your message ;)

Magpie said...

The number of needles depends on the size of what I'm knitting - for bigger things (like the body of the sweater) I use a circular needle, for smaller, round things (sleeves, socks...) I do need 5. That is a bit tricky, but mostly because the yarn keeps getting tangled in the needles - it's not really as difficult as it looks.