Sunday, August 03, 2008

Byzantine WIP 3 - Mission Failed

The board is done and must be done anew. I messed up, so it has too few playing fields. Ahem. Sixteen are missing. Better luck next time.
So, when I said "if I ever do something like that again, I'll do everything differently" in my last posting, I didn't expect the "again" to happen so soon.

There're still so many things you can do with it and use it for. You only can't play chess.

And some by-products from my woodworking spree. Yes, they all look more or less the same, but it was fun, and that's all that counts :D

One of the necklaces gracefully shown off by Tigris:


Anonymous said...

i wonder how your cats would look like with the KL necklace and which one would win the "KendoLinz next cat topmodel" contest ;o)


Manuela said...

They'd probably be really bad cat topmodels (or topcats). They're not camerawhore-y enough. I was lucky to get Tigris look into the camera at all (and even luckier that he didn't just tear at the necklace). They don't like me putting stuff on them ... the last time Tigris got traumatized by the bells that followed him around whenever he moved his tail ;)