Thursday, July 17, 2008

Byzantine WIP 1

I started working on the Byzantine Chess. Bought the raw materials last weekend, before going to Vienna for the medieval fair at the Heeresgeschichtliche Museum and a friend's birthday party. There's too much chipboard and not enough solid wood in DIY superstores.
Today I played a bit with the wood to see how it behaves and to find a design for the mini-pillar.


Anonymous said...

Actually you should get a rather big variety of woods in such stores...
Alternatly you can go to a cabinetmaker or a lumber mill (at least here you should get what you need ;) no matter what)

Manuela said...

In the two I was in (Obi and Baumax) they had only three varieties :/

If I do something like that again, I'll try the cabinetmaker. Spruce isn't the easiest wood to work with, as I know now ;)

Anonymous said...

Nut or beech are even more solid ;)
Normally fruit trees are softer and there is a little trick: press your fingernail against the wood and look how hard you need to press to get a small jag.