Friday, February 08, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Intending to paint some oil or acrylic pictures for my flat - bedroom first. So I'm just throwing around some ideas for the time being (heavily referenced):


Anonymous said...

The first one, S1, somehow casts a spell over me. I would call it an "intellectual painting" ;-)

You can see two different pictures if you concentrate well enough: Just one person on the right or two persons who kiss each other. *G*

Like it!

Manuela said...

Hmm, I don't see the one person on the right.

I'm not fully satisfied with either of them, considering the purpose. I want the painting to be something subtle and slightly abstract, and neither of them is particularly subtle (especially not the second one ;)

Need to experiment some more. The first one might have potential, with some changes.

Anonymous said...

Having potential sounds not that bad ;-)

An advise I have overheard in school: "Nie etwas fertig machen. Sonst ist es tot." (Never finish something. Otherwise it is dead.) In German the first sentence is ambivalent meaning also to exhaust somebody - or in this case something.

I often sketch some mutations of a draft - just to come back to the first at the end. Of course that does not mean doing other mutations is wrong. Sometimes also the latter drafts are the better ones.
You can't know before!?


Manuela said...

Nice quote! I like the ambiguity.

When I do more complex illustrations I also sometimes do several thumbnails to fix the compositions (although I often have to force myself to do it). And I end up using the first one. I think that's partly because you tend to get attached to the first thing you do very easily and it's hard to let go. It's difficult to find enough distance to look at the various versions objectively.

Anonymous said...

... and it's also hard to take a different road in the following scribbles.

By the way: somehow you managed to inspire me to make more detailed scribbles also in work again. Usually I change to computer-aided solutions very quickly. This time I have drawn 5 stages of an animation by hand before scanning it and switching to Illustrator and Flash ;-)

Good night!

Manuela said...

Glad to be, err, an inspiration ;)

Although I don't do much by hand anymore either (well, except for that oil painting last week, which amounted to 8h of non-computer work). But I want to ... I tend to use more shortcuts when working digitally, which I don't necessarily like.
I'm improving, though. I even spend much less time in front of the computer now. Yay! :D