Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not as expected

Well. I wanted to paint a vampire to practice (undead) skin tones. But it looks like I got Hermione from Harry Potter. This seems like a really bad bargain.

Maybe better luck next time.


Anonymous said...

First: I do not know Harry Potter at all. Tried to watch one part, do not know which one, in Lisbon this year, but I did not succeed...

Second. One of my drawing-teachers told us that we should try not to force ourselves to draw something with intention. Just draw and look what comes out afterwards. I like this approach! Although you can not do that at work, for private stuff it is quite suitable and very inspiring I think.

Another teacher told us to draw, put it away for some time, look at it again and judge then. Another one told us - if we do not have the heart to go on - we should make a copy of the work, go to the toilet and sh** on it. Then your mind will be clear and you wont fear to proceed.

So, I did it... a lot of memories are coming into my mind... good old days...

Good night,

Anonymous said...´s definitely not hermine from harry potter.

looks like a bad witch or something like that...anyway...some people would be happy to create paintings like that

Manuela said...

@CwB: Mmh, lots of very good advice. Thank you muchos! :)
I find it hard to draw without any intention at all. Usually I think paintings through, try to find different compositions, etc. I think I still lack the necessary skills to be completely spontaneous when approaching an image.
Maybe I should just rid myself of the belief that I have actually any control over the painting, go with the flow and see where it takes me. It probably works better when you try to convey emotions through an image rather than a certain subject matter. I'll try that with the next one :)

@anonymous: Ah well, I'll take a bad witch over Hermione any time.
And I love painting. I wouldn't do it if it didn't make me happy. The process of creation - just sitting there for hours, painting and letting my mind drift - is extremely calming and enjoyable to me (and I think this applies to most people, regardless of their skill level). I'm just not always satisfied with the result I get afterwards ;)