Sunday, October 14, 2007

Painting = Stress Therapy Deluxe

Boy, I cannot even begin to tell you how much is needed this painting. Listening to other diploma students worrying and stressing over their theses is not good for your own stress level. It pretty much does all it needs to make you freak out, too.
So my mind told me to paint, and I did, resulting in another painting session from midnight till dawn. Joy :)


I also figured that long-term planning is absolutely no use and just a waste of time. People walk into and away from your life all the time, and all the big, life-changing stuff happens spontaneously and without you being prepared for it. So no need to get all worked up about what'll be in a year from now. Carpe diem, live in the present and do what you enjoy.
(Or maybe that's only the case until you get a job and have the same daily schedule for 40 years and all the life-changing stuff is already past, hmm.)


John Howe wrote a nice and interesting statement on Fantasy art in the age of science on his website. Well worth reading.


Anonymous said...

Yesss. Nihon-kendo-kata, yohonme. Totemo kirei na desu!

I like your painting very much and appreciate your thoughts about wasting time by planning your future too accurately. Wasting time you may need to do something else ... for example living your life.

On the other hand some kind of schedule is not only bad. Practising kendo every week - or day - for example is no bad thing! Of course practising kendo means living your life. ;-)


Manuela said...

Aaah, but the nice thing about Kendo is that you don't need to plan it. You just have to plan everything else around the training so it doesn't interfere with the training times (hm, well, that's unfortunately not always better or easier, I guess...).
In that case I fear short-term planning is a necessary evil of life (which, in the end, brings us enjoyment, so it's not as evil as it could be), while long-term planning is best left to fate and the spontaneous events in life.

Have fun in Graz! :)

Magpie said...

Plans are evil! The more you plan, the more frustrated you'll be if it doesn't work out. (A mistake I make all too often.)

And you know what they say, that we won't be able to work in one job for our whole lives any more - so much for the same daily schedule for 40 years. I find that thought strangely comforting - as much as I enjoy finally working in my dream job, I can't see myself still doing the same when I'm 60.

Manuela said...

Yeah, post-planning frustration is so typical. I had to change my long-term plans loads of times in the last 2-3 years because of sudden changes concerning work, relationships, etc. So I decided a few days ago to just not plan at all anymore and to simply let life happen (I'll roughly plan, i.e. idly think about the next 6 months, but anything more is useless).

I also like the idea of not having the same job all the time. I'm a Gemini, so I need change in my life (although it's also nice to have some sort of constant in your life next to all the change). I'd probably get bored if I did the same thing over and over again for 40 years (which is part of why I absolutely don't want to become a teacher). Eh, but for now I'll be happy to get any job at all, seeing that all my job experience at the moment is restricted to the limited work I did as a freelancer.

Anonymous said...

No fun in Graz for me :-(

Planning is bad - now I know it. I planned to go to Graz last weekend - and? Nothing. I got ill ... and had to stay at home.

Where lies the problem you ask? I really looked forward to joining this event.

In my opinion pleasant anticipation is not good at all. You get disappointed nearly every time... even if the result is as you planned it, you wont feel happy. The only way to be delighted is to be surprised, isn't it? ^^

But do not take me too serious at all! ;-)


Manuela said...

Yeah, that sucks majorly. Now you're living proof that even short-term planning is bad to some degree :/
I can imagine your disappointment. Last week I was pondering all Tuesday if I shouldn't take the extra train trip to Linz so I could go to the Wednesday and Thursday training. And if I hadn't already promised a friend earlier that we'd go to the cinema I would have ... I really regretted that I had too many engagements in Salzburg to come to Linz. One training a week is just not enough (not to even mention next week, with no training at all, meh).
And it's definitely worse for you, because (unlike me) you couldn't do anything about your Graz trip. Life's unfair like that...

Although I think anticipation is usually a good thing (when it's not killed like yours was). It feels good and usually puts me into a happy mood for the whole week prior to the event (even if it does have a tendency to make the actual event less good, because I just have unreasonably high expectations).

But, yes, pleasant surprises are always the best way to be delighted. Probably because the hole that's usually filled by anticipation can then be filled by joy.
(Hmmm. This makes me wonder if there's some weird, abstract relationship between no anticipation and no mind. Or maybe it's closer to no expectations.... you just wait and see what comes at you, and because your mind's not clouded by anticipation/expectations anymore you see it more clearly).

Eh, anyway, I'll stop rambling now. Today's training gave me enough to think about, without me adding my personal twist to ancient swordsmanship concepts :)