Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry Potter 7

New Scientist has an article saying that obesity is possibly (socially) contagious. It sounds ridiculous at first, but when you read the article and think about it, it makes sense. I guess it ranges in the same category as peer pressure/soft power. We proclaim our individuality, but simultaneously became more of the same.


Finished reading HP7 (so rejoice, this will be the last HP posting for a long while). Overall, I enjoyed it. The first two thirds could have been more interesting. You notice that J.K. Rowling is not used to deviating from the usual Hogwarts school year structure. It was nice that quite a few characters died (could have even been more - I was hoping Harry would die). The last third was absolutely wonderful; very capturing (although I didn't need the heaven-scene and the epilogue). I loved Snape's memories. The book is a good ending to a good series. And, as always, I'm happy to finish off a series so I can start something new.


Couple of sketches from the Irish Pub and FNM. It's amazing how you notice that many different people sit in the same position a lot.


Anonymous said...

First I have to admit that it's long ago I have written something in English. So feel free to correct my mistakes!

Second: Hello world! ;-)

Although I have neither read nor seen even one of the Potter-parts, I do not feel totally out of my element. It always takes me a long time to read a book because most of those are non-fictional ones. There is no story-line and so I am not so much in it. But every time I finish one, I am eager to start a new one. I am curious about your next project... Ganbatte kudasai!

What leades me to Kendo - of course ;-) I am not sure if we in Linz are so much aimed at tournaments. Usually we - or at least I - prefer to go to seminars than to tournaments. I don't really like tournaments because there you just stand around and wait for a long time. Of course you can watch the other ones, but this I can achieve with YouTube too.

So, it's late. I wish you a nice weekend - till our next meeting ;-)

Lg, Christian

Manuela said...

@Kendo: Ah. Well, the tournament-thing was just my first impression, probably because you're more "achievement-oriented" than what I'm used to from Salzburg - although I obviously have hardly any comparison :). My learning curve with you guys is definitely steeper, though, which is nice!