Thursday, May 31, 2007

Haul the Colours Up High

I went to see Pirates of the Carribean in English last week. What a pain (the process of getting there, not the film). I missed the bus by two minutes, so I had to get to the cinema in 20 minutes (the bus takes 10 minutes). Miraculously, I managed it and was only five minutes late, wondering if I was in the wrong film since the people on screen were talking (singing) in German. There were lots of language issues in the whole film - German sound, no sound, etc. In the end, we got our money back, because the group of English people complained (they probably didn't understand a word in the German parts).
All in all, though, I liked the film. Definitely better than the first sequel and I liked Jack better as well. Ooooh, his first scene. It was brillliant. I first thought "Hmmm, this is ... kinda abstract" until he appeared on the screen and everything made sense. So, unlike the second film, worth watching.


The medieval fairs were good. Lots of fun, lots of nice sellers. On Saturday we got into a thunderstorm and hid in the car for an hour. Tittmoning was the bigger market, more merchants, more visitors, more people in appropriate garment. My brother bought some clay dishes. Schörfling was a quite small town market. Fewer people and merchants and (at the beginning) almost no people in garment except for us. But this meant we had more time to peacefully walk through the area and watch the shows. Surprisingly, we also bought more stuff there. I got myself an amber bracelet and (tam-tam-tam) a leather armguard from AC Atelier (I wanted to have something like that since I saw two friends from Amsterdam wearing them). Markus got a dagger from them. I was very impressed with their work ethics - the normal armguards sold at such markets are for men, so far too big for me. I told the merchant that I'm looking for something smaller, and he said he could custom-make one for me in an hour. We went away so I could think about it (it would have cost 30€), and when we came back some time later to give him the commission, he had one ready and gave it to me for 15€. Awesome! Next my brother is getting a sword from him and I probably a fibula or some buttons.
We also found our favourite mead seller in Schörfling, who renamed her shop, but will be at a lot of the fairs we will be going to this summer (now there's a bottle of hemp mead in our cellar). We also found out that there will again be a fair in Linz this year. With all the nice stuff we got and the information, it was a really good birthday.


A quick portrait I made for a dear friend. Alex's character:
(roughly referenced off the mirror in my room)


Magpie said...

hehe, we had the same problem once when we were watching Harry Potter 3 in English (but there were no real complaints, as it was a school thing, and I don't think many of the other kids really enjoyed watching films in english!) Makes me wonder, though, whether I should actually take the trouble to go see it in English.
And now I will have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day again! ;)

I wish I'd known about those markets sooner. But then, I was ill anyway... and I'll be going soon enough.

Magpie said...

oh, and that portait is beautiful!

Manuela said...

I think it's worth seeing it in English. The German sub loses sooo much because of the missing accents. But the Cineplexx does often have troubles with non-German films. I guess it depends on what you can tolerate and how badly you want to watch English films :)

There's a list of medieval fairs at (-> Termine). I'll be at the one in Salzburg on the 16th and there'll also again be a market in Linz in the first week of July (Yay! I loved the one last year).
The music group that played in Schörfling, Rhiannon (, will also play at the Pflasterspektakel in Linz at the end of July. They're very good (I bought their CD).

Magpie said...

cool, thanks!
no chance I'll make it to Salzburg... damn school. But in two weeks, I'll be free and head straight to Kapfenberg (had that one planned anyway).
And it's really great that there is one in Linz again!

and now I need a cinema progamme! ;) (Hehe, I was wondering if it was the cineplexx... that was where we saw that HP!)