Monday, July 24, 2006


I've been on vacation in Rome for ten days, thus the lack of updates. Rome is beautiful, but the heat is killing you if you go there in summer. Since then I painted and sketched eight hours a day and now I'm in a nice work rhythm, which is a good feeling.

Some photos of Rome:

There's a dress code to get into St. Peter's. We watched some people in their struggle to get in, arguing with the guards. Some tried to cover up their shoulders with towels, their hands, and others ... with maps:


And two interesting links:

Here is an interesting documentary on living in the Gaza strip. I don't have nearly enough background knowledge to comment on it politically, so I can just say that I find some of the opinions and actions of both sides shown in the documentary shocking.

The first 24 minutes of a film called 'Scanner Darkly' can be viewed here. The style is interesting, albeit not perfect and probably not to everyone's taste. Still, it's nice to see experiments in the film business.

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